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December 2nd, 2016
Talski - Soothsayer

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Following up the inaugural release by Głós, Escapism 002 is a mesmerizing two- tracker by one of Leipzig's most talented producers, Talski. He is part of the Institut fuer Zukunft crew, co-runs DUR Records and also performs rare live sets together with his friend Perm as PANDT. ‘Soothsayer’ shows why analogue production skills are still highly appreciated in contemporary dance music. By limiting himself to only a few machines, Talski manages to create addictive and reduced tracks that focus only on the essentials. This comes especially apparent on ‘Soothsayer I’ which although stripped back, builds tension, has atmosphere and is driving. ‘Soothsayer II’ is more evolved. Straight enough to keep people on the dance floor, yet with a fragile and melancholic beauty to it, that sticks with you long after leaving the club.